I’m an artist and an ex-entertainer

I create and sell digital art and resource kits for artists and designers. I also sell vintage clothing and collectibles, and anything else of value!

My Collectibles Website http://treasuredscrapsrva.net

My Digital Website: http://digiscrapcafe.com

My personal website: http://sojournstar.com

My Pagan website can be found here: http://paganknot.com

I have been in and out of the music industry for over 40 years. Beginning as an entertainer, I have done everything from production and promotion, to booking and management. While living in Los Angeles for many years, I worked within the field of music, film and tv. I also dealt in vintage and collectibles, as well as owned a designer resale and vintage boutique where I sold and rented high end clothing and costumes to the studios for movies and tv. I also manufactured my own small clothing line from upstairs in that store.

Now I spend most of my time creating art, and building and maintaining websites. Come join me at the Digi Scrap Cafe, you are welcome to promote and sell your digital art there and have some fun with challenges, freebies, and more.

Sojournstar aka Angela Hobbs is an ex entertainer and performer, who traveled the road for many years, including shows in Japan, China and Europe.
Lived in Los Angeles for many years, and worked within the film, tv, and video business, among other things, and was an asst. dresser to costume designer Judy Evans, on Benson and Golden Girls (rip Rue, Bea, and Estelle) as an on call stylist for several years.
Sojournstar loves fashion, and is completely in love with costuming, (Bob Mackie was one of my favorites) as well as period and vintage clothing.
Show and stage clothing is a big passion, as well as art and graphics.
Bragging rights
I was born, I live!

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