ReOpening Offer On Now!


This is happening now!

Sunday September 1st I am reopening my Etsy Shop with brand new graphics, and a new format. I had closed my shop at the beginning of Summer due to much frustration, both with Etsy, and what seemed to be an influx of horrible customers, (something expressed not just by me). I’ve struggled with Etsy having a hate/love relationship with it for a long time, and recently after only actually selling about 30 items, my ratings hit the dirt! I sell a lot of places, mostly places with high quality graphics, and I sell a lot everywhere but Etsy, so this was a really big blow which caused me to take the Summer break.

Let me quickly explain the scenario!

About 2 years ago, I got my first 1 star review from a copyright thief who was caught and called out for stealing and reselling designs made by my friend Kate Rose ofยย  . This person purposely bought a product that same day, AFTER the fact, just so she could leave a 1 star rating on my wall. Kate also received 1 star ratings from this person, all in retaliation for reporting her to Etsy, and shortly after closed her shop and disappeared.

Then, in the Spring, someone who “claims” she does not understand English, (and maybe it’s true because no amount of trying to help her did she understand) bought a Photoshop product which was CLEARLY marked “You must have and know how to use Photoshop to use this product” and then before I could even have an hour to answer her very vague support request, she gave me a 1 star rating (written in French) and that plummmeted me to the bottom, and caused me to “almost” leave Etsy for good, but why let people like that win, there is NOT enough Winning in todays world right now, if you mates catch my drift !.

Etsy never seems to care if you get trolled like this etc… You should have the option to turn/hide reviews, or at least validly contest them, just like your sales and other info on your profiles and shops.

Here is what is written now on the top of my wall, and it still makes me livid lol!

MC on Mar 22, 2019

1 out of 5 stars

pas capable m’expliquer comment fonctionne par photoshop ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Translated by Microsoft

not able to explain to me how photoshop works ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


PhotoShop Actions Graphics Set fonts alpha banners

>I did actually write out a very angry response to this to post on the review wall, explaining in so many British left handed ways lol, what a wanking ….. she was !, but I wrote it, and then chose not too, and her rating comment is left unresponded to. I figure the smart people will see the comment, read the translation, and hopefully go HUH! What a DA…..

—— ANYWAY! to my friends, subscribers, and readers….

I will re-open the shop shortly after midnight on the 1st September (SUNDAY), a ploy to give me 45 days to pay listing fees, instead of 15 ๐Ÿ˜‰ The shop will go in a slightly different direction, as it will now be selling printables for personal and home business use. I will still be offering digital graphics, but I will also be concentrating a lot on the card making, junk journal, and Heritage journal making for home and business. Printables will generally not be for digital use, but don’t worry, you will have plenty of pngs and templates coming from me, and I do think I have gotton a lot better since I backed off the general tagging art, and have been concentrating on more graphical art and altered art, ( I did recieve an art scholarship after all, but originally chose music instead )

So, to help me counter act these acts of rediculousness, I am offering anyone who purchases and places a legit 5 STAR RATING for the product on my Etsy wall, a free product of their choice (from Etsy shop, or my own.) It must be 5 stars to get a free product, but anyone who purchases a product from Etsy during the next 4 months, will get something special sent to their message center.

To get your free product of choice, simply leave the 5 stars rating and a small comment, and then message me privately through Etsy messages with the name and link of page of the product you would like.

Here is a small preview of 3 of the new kits, check the store for many more!

This is not being advertised on Etsy, and is only being sent or shown to members of my community of readers etc, because you are all special. I will be turning many older products into freebies soon, so you will all be notified of that as well.

Time to literally go Out with the old, and In with the new!

Peace artfam!


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