A Great Article on Antiques


  • This I found a great and interesting article, if especially like me you are in love with antiques. Read a short preview below, and if you find it interesting too, please visit the site and read the whole article.
  • Image via Wikimedia Commons.

My first interactions with Patrick Bavasi involved hunting for lions. He had come to work as my father’s assistant at Dillingham and Company, my father’s antique shop, in the early 1990s before my twin sister, Caroline, and I were born. He was always friendly, competent, up for any job, much better at anything having to do with technology than my father. But the days the two of us happened to be in the shop, as my father talked to clients, or shuffled papers, or otherwise hovered within a four-foot radius of his big, heavy, wooden desk, in the midst of his shop full of treasures, Bavasi would entertain us. He had us find and count all the lions, including lion paws, a popular 18th-century English feature on chairs and tables. A bluish-grey wooden statue of a lion in the window, right paw holding a ball, its little tail curved upward playfully: One. A brass doorknocker in the shape of a lion’s head, mounted on one of the walls: Two. One chair, two chairs, three chairs with lion’s feet. Four, five, six.



via How Elle Decor, IKEA, and the Rising Cost of Healthcare Decimated Antiques Dealers

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