Separating Tangible from Digital

I decided this was probably a good idea, and would most likely not make me as confused a bird trying to separate both in the same shop now. I found that since I am now on hosting and have an auto installer available, that I actually could install two separate carts.

Introducing the first stage of Treasured Scraps Collectibles sister store,

Digi Scrap Cafe Store . Starting now all new digital merch will be added to the DSC store, and the TSC shop will only be used for the tangibles in the future. I will however leave the digital section which already resides on the TSC shop, as it has been linked, it will just tell anyone that lands there that the store is actually at another link. I might actually taper down the categories also so that the digital products that are there now, may all be under the same place.

In the new shop, as well as at my ETSY shop, there is a new coupon system in place, please see following jpeg.

Coupon Codes2

Wow, I think that’s awesome! ❤

So keep checking the new store, if you are a digital art lover, looking for resources, and please do share us if you like us. I will be adding lots of kits, many of them brand new never seen before. I will also be loading some freebies, and this store gives me the ability to have FLASH SALES at remarkable markdowns for newsletter subscribers and customers, so do subscribe, in any of my newsletter boxes, if you grab the current freebie, do create an account and subscribe at time of checking out so you can take advantage of any member only discounts.

Are you in a more corporate style business, how about some professional website header you can customize for commercial use. Available now at the new store.


Or maybe something more along the lines of clip art for fun or profit.


or perhaps you would just like a ready made scrap kit or template to design a tag, or cluster, layout or quick page, or design your own element.

You can find it all at the new store, so please bookmark the url and visit often!

It really pains me tho, to have to exclude EU customers from these new stores, (both TSC and DSC) due to the tax laws, and shipping costs for the tangible goods shop. With that said, if you would like to purchase our digital art outside the US please visit the link below for ETSY, my TEACHERS shops & more. If you see an item in my digital store, and don’t see the item at my Etsy or other shops contact me & I will load it for you.

Digi Scrap Cafe Network

Thank you for understanding!

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