How to Create Product Labels Using PicMonkey!

This is a very good tutorial I found for using PicMonkey, one of the apps you can find free on my website here

I actually create most of my banners, logos and more, using a combination of Pixlr, PS Elements, & PicMonkey, and Gifs are created with some of the other apps on the page. All in all, find my favorite list of free graphic apps on the page. I add more often as well.

The Herbal Healing Mama

How to create beautiful labels for your homemade products using PicMonkey!

I love PicMonkey! They offer so many free options as well as an extremely reasonable month to month premium membership for only $ 4.99 !! They even offer a FREE week trial for first time users.

As most of you know, I edit nearly all of my images using PicMonkey & I also use it to create all of my product labels. I thought I would share some tips and ideas for creating simple yet beautiful labels & I think I will also make a post with some printables from ones I’ve made in the near future. (Let me know if that’s something of interest, and what you would like to see)

Onto some simple tutorials:

Head on over to

Start by selecting the design option and choosing the shape of canvas you would like to…

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